What is the difference between Dan-D Foods and Dan-D-Pak™?

Dan-D Foods Ltd. is the name of our company. We market our products under three brands: Dan-D-Pak™, Dan-D-Organic™ and Dan-D-Bulk™.

Is Dan-D Foods a Canadian company?

Dan-D Foods was founded in British Columbia, Canada and our head office is in Richmond, BC.  Our roots are Canadian, however, it’s no secret that we’ve been expanding into other markets around the world. Nowadays Dan-D Foods Group Global operates in the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and of course, Canada. If you include our distribution markets, you can add Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia and South America to the list.

What does Dan-D Foods do?

We're a manufacturer and distributor of fine foods. Our portfolio includes more than 2,000 SKUs, including nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, crunchy snacks, grains and cereals and many, many, more. We source our ingredients from around the globe and transform them into high quality, value added products that we proudly market under 3 sub-brands: Dan-D-Pak™, Dan-D-Bulk™ and Dan-D-Organic™.

Does Dan-D Foods sell its products directly to the public?

Yes, every year during the months of November and December, we offer our holiday products to the general public. You can contact us at holidays@dan-d-pak.com for exact dates and details.

Where can I purchase Dan-D-Pak™ products?

Dan-D-Pak™ products are sold through most retailers. If you’re currently living in North America, please visit our Where to Buy page. As for Dan-D Foods Group Global, we sell our products far beyond North America - including France, Australia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam. If you’re interested in purchasing our products while abroad, please contact our head office and we will re-direct your inquiry to the appropriate office.

Are Dan-D-Pak™ products healthy?

Our products are designed as healthy meal and snack alternatives. Our offerings include raw and unsalted products  – and we’ve been replacing regular salt with sea salt. We also carry kosher products, as well as an organic line.

What is the shelf life of Dan-D-Pak™ products?

Most of our products’ shelf life is 12 months.

What is your payment policy?

If you’re a retailer, please refer to our retailers’ page where you can find all the details about our payment policy.

Does Dan-D Foods carry organic products?

We carry a variety of organic products in bulk and packaged formats. Please see our catalogues for more details.

Are Dan-D-Pak™ products Kosher certified?

Yes, a vast majority of our products are kosher. Simply look for the kosher symbols on our packaging. (They look like   and ).

What is your shipping policy?

At this time, we only ship our products to retail customers. If you’re a retailer, please refer to our retailers’ page, where you can learn everything you ever wanted to about our shipping policy.

I would like to request a donation from Dan-D Foods, who can I contact?

At Dan-D Foods, we like to support the communities in which we live. We try to accomodate as many requests as possible. We've chosen a few areas in which we will focus our attention:
  • Sport Teams and Related Events
  • Walks, Runs, Marathons and Related Events
  • Healthy and Active Lifestyles
  • Education and School Events
If you require a donation or sponsorship, please email us at info@dan-d-pak.com, specifying the event date, brief description, number of attendees and what it is that you require.

I would like to get information for sponsorship opportunities with Dan-D Foods, who do I contact?

Please send your inquiry to info@dan-d-pak.com

Does your company employ sustainability practices?

Dan-D Foods is making every effort to improve the recyclability of our packaging, as well as introducing greener practices through vegetarian ink, FSC certified paper and foil bags.