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8 thoughts on “Dan-D Pak

  1. I purchased some of your sesame glazed cashews and now I am unable to find them anywhere! Where can I purchase them or can I order directly from you? Thank you

    • Hi Christine,

      If you live in Vancouver you can find our sesame glazed cashews at Nester’s on Abbot. You should also be able to find them at the Safeway on Kingsway.
      Hope you’re able to find some!

      Celia Chung

  2. I have been buying the unsalted cashews, but just realized that do contain sodium, so what is the difference between unsalted and sodium ?

    • Hi there!

      Sodium and salt are actually 2 different things, although they are often connected. To explain, we have to dive into a little bit of chemistry – bear with us! Sodium listed in the Canadian Nutrition Facts Table is sodium in its alone form, whereas salt is a combination of sodium and chloride. The cashew itself has sodium in its “chemical composition”, and there’s no real way to remove this. We hope that clarifies it a bit!

      Carolyn Lee

  3. a while back I bought 3 32oz jars of your Cashews, I have eaten two, I was disappointed when I noticed just before opening the third that your Cashews also contain canola oil. It’s my understanding that 90% of canola oil is genetically engineered and because of some stupid law, they don’t need to be labeled. My question is 1. is the oil in your Cashews GMO? 2. If yes what am I able to do with the remaining jar, am I able to return it for a refund it’s been a while now & I don’t have the bill of sale, I won’t eat them.

    • Hello Eddie,

      We are sorry that you are unhappy with our product. Our canola oil is not certified GMO-free. However, our canola oil supplier has confirmed that the finished oil extracted from the seed itself does not contain any genetically-modified material (DNA or protein), and this has been tested by independent DNA testing labs. In the future, if we were to switch to certified GMO-free canola oil, this would be clearly displayed on our packaging. Both CIFA and FDA do not allow any GMO-free advertising unless the product has been certified GMO-free by verified organizations. The most common one being “Non-GMO Project”.

      Whenever canola oil is used in our roasting process, this is clearly stated in our ingredients list in English and French.

      We would recommend that you look for our 100g Raw Cashews, 600g Dry Roasted Crispy Cashews, Sesame Glazed Cashews in various sizes, and Maple Syrup Cashews in various sizes. All these cashew products are currently processed without canola oil.

      Please be advised that our ingredients and processes do change from time to time. We recommend that you read the ingredients list and allergy statement anytime before purchasing.

      Because there is no proof of purchase or date of purchase, and there are no issues with the product quality based on our current product standards, we cannot provide a refund.

      If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to email info[at]dandpak.com.

      Marketing Team

  4. I followed the instructions on the package for cooking basmati rice and it was horrible. A friend told me to use 1cup rice rinse and soak for 15 minutes. Drain and leave sit until ready to cook. Add 1 1/2 cups water, 1 tsp butter and bring to boil then put lid on pot turn burner to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heAt and stir. It is the fluffiness rice and has excellent taste.

    • Hi Lynne,

      I’m sorry to hear that our instructions didn’t work for you. Depending on how much heat is used when cooking basmati rice, you want 1.5 or 2 parts water for every 1 part of rice. I’m glad that your friend’s instructions worked for you. Using butter is a creative way to bring flavor into the rice!

      Celia Chung