Roasted Nuts
       Kosher Organic

Macadamia Nuts, Volcano Lava

Product Code: 052268
Pack Size: 12/127g
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Nutrition Facts

Valeur nutritive

Per 1/4 Cup cup 30g / Pour 1/4 Cup tasse 30g

Amount % Daily Value
Teneur % valeur quotidienne
Calories / Calories 190
Fat / Lipides 14 g 22 %
Saturated / saturés 2.5 g 13 %
+Trans / trans 0
Cholesterol / Cholestérol 0 mg
Sodium / Sodium 45 mg 2 %
Carbohydrate / Glucides 13 g 4 %
Fiber / Fibres 2 g 8 %
Sugars/Sucres 10 g
Protein / Protéines 2 g
Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0 %
Vitamin C / Vitamine C 0 %
Calcium / Calcium 2 %
Iron / Fer 4 %


Macadamia Nuts, Sugar, Sesame Seeds, Glucose Syrup, Sea Salt, Chili Powder, Black Pepper. May Contain Traces of Wheat, Peanuts, Other Nuts or Soy.

UPC Each: 770795522680

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2 thoughts on “Macadamia Nuts, Volcano Lava

  1. Hello,
    I used to buy these at T&T but they don’t seem to carry this particular one anymore. Can you tell me where I can find them in Vancouver/Burnaby? Thanks!

    • Hello Linda,
      We are working on getting this product back on the shelves at T&T. You can always ask the store to bring it back, we find it often helps! Alternatively, you can stop by our head office in Richmond (11760 Machrina Way) to pick up this product for the time being.
      Best regards,
      Dan-D-Pak team.

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